FireTube (Premium) APK Latest v1.3.1 Download for Android Added on Aug 18, 2019

Name: FireTube (Premium) Developer: FireTube Category: social
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Fire tube APK is nice video App for android devices, tablets and other smart devices  and it ca assist you to play YouTube videos on background and you can use fire tube APk for music player and take advantage the million of songs you can find on YouTube and if you can use first time fire tube APK on your devices .using fire tube really simple to use then just tab on video for its starts automatically in the music mode then you can free watching videos as with other Apps and you can still images while you can listen the audio Once the audio starts playing you can close the app or turn off the screen. Don't worry, the sound keeps playing without any problems. You can even pause the music and change songs just like you'd do with any other music player.
FireTube APK is an excellent app that basically transforms the entire content of YouTube into your new music library. The best thing about it is that you can log in with your YouTube account and listen to your own custom playlists and this amazing APK has other more useful features which are given below

Features Of FireTube APK

  • Free App for all android users
  • Unlimited Music  :Access to the largest database of music available.
  • Background Play : Keep FireTube playing in the background with seamless playback.
  • Discover Music  :Search hot tracks to find popular music you may not have heard.
  • Automatic Queue :Builds a playlist queue for you based on a song or artist.
  • Sync Playlists  :Syncs your playlist so you can access it from any Android device or Firefox browser.
  • Import Playlists :Import your playlists to eliminate the need to create new playlists.
  •  Video Mode  :Watch your favorite songs music video with a click of a button.
  •  Cache Music  :Temporarily save songs to your device to listen without an internet connection
FireTube (Premium)
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