Instant [Runtestic] Heart Rate Pro APK Latest v2.5.0 Download for Android Added on Aug 03, 2017

Name: Instant [Runtestic] Heart Rate Pro Developer: PdvApps Category: Tools
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Runtestic Heart Rate APk is is and daily use Application for android devices,smart phones and other smart devices and this nice App is offered by PVDApps and this amazing tool allows you to free check your heart rate  any here any time ,Now every one has different heart rate according to rest,age and training level.and this popular app has other more powerful features which are given below

Features Of Runtestic Heart ASPK

  • It is a free tool for all android user's
  • Yoy can free measure your heart rate with your smartphone camera
  •  TYhere are graphs illustrate your measurements
  •  There are different measuring types: resting HR, pre- & post-workout HR, maximum HR
  •  You can free upload your results compare and analyze your measurements by day, week or year
  •  Easy to share your HR measurements in social networks like Facebook,twitter and much more
  • Unlimited measurements: Determine your heart rate anytime, anywhere & as often as you like
  • Use filters: Filter your measurements according to type (resting HR, pre-& post-workout HR, maximum HR)
  • Graphs to monitor your progress: Monitor how your resting heart rate develops
  • Reminder: Receive automatic notifications for regular HR measurements
  • And much more
Instant [Runtestic] Heart Rate Pro
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