LEO Privacy Guard APK Latest v4.0.4 Download for Android Added on Sep 12, 2016

Name: LEO Privacy Guard Developer: Leomaster Category: Tools
Version: 4.0.4 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 23


Your privacy's savior is here. This app is the complete and safe answer when your security's question arises. This app is used and trusted by millions of users around the world. It allows you to hide your apps, photos, videos and other stuff with ease. It protects your WiFi. It has many more features for you to discover.

Features Of LEO privacy APK 
    You can lock your apps and unlock them with two passwords; Pin code or Pattern lock.
    It also has different themes for your app lock screen.
    You can customize your lock modes under different situations.
    It scans your device to remove any insecure or infected stuff.
    It scans your photos videos and all the new apps to secure your device.
    You can lock and hide your photos and videos in a safe box and customize its security the way you want.
    It scans your WiFi in a single click and detect your network's security.
    It warns you of infected links, malicious content and WiFi hotspots.
    You can lock and hide your contacts, sms and logs.
    You can save your phone when its stolen. It locates the device location and tells you ways to get it back.
    This app secretly takes pictures of the person who tries to enter your privacy by entering wrong passwords.


Now you can download from given link below the latest v of LEO Privacy APK 
LEO Privacy Guard
23 Installs

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