Oder and Chaos 2 {online} APK Latest v3.6.0j Download for Android Added on Sep 12, 2016

Name: Oder and Chaos 2 {online} Developer: Gameloft Category: Adventure
Version: 3.6.0j Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 26

Embrace yourself for the fascinating journeys because with this app, you can trace the roads to redemption in a whole new way in the world of Order and Chaos. Join thousands of players who are along with you on this fantasy ride.


 Features this app has are as follows.
Experience the breathing and living world where you can go through immense and different world that is brought to life along with stunning graphics. This app has various factions and huge amount of NPCs that form a rich game world.
·         You can make and customize your own fantasy heroes. You have five races to choose from that are Orc, Human, Elf, Mendel and the Kratan. You have five classes to quest that are Blood Knight, Ranger, Mage, Warrior and Monk. Get unstoppable with upgraded weapons. You can craft and fuse to make an ultimate gear in the game.
·         Go though the multiplayer and take over hundreds of quest as you uncover the thrilling story. You can fight with the most challenging MMO bosses.You can go in solo mode to get the greater rewards.
·         Its up to you whether you stand together or against each other. You have to gather a team of skillful heroes to quest through the toughest modes. You can challenge any player in the multiplayer.

·         You can communicate through in game mailbox.
Download from given link below.the latest v3.6.0j of Order And Chaos APK
Oder and Chaos 2 {online}
26 Installs