POU APK Latest v1.4.73 Download for Android Added on May 23, 2017

Name: POU Developer: Zakeh Category: Arcade
Version: 1.4.73 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 36


P0u is an amazing and mind refreshing game introduced for all android devices. This game is specially designed for kids who are not enough young to play hard android games. But, are curious to play games on android smart phones and tablets which suits their age, thus it’s an interesting, and easy game to play.  To know about play keep text reading:

In this game there is an Alien named pou.  Your role is like a baby sitter, and you have to take care of your baby as better as you can .you will need to feed him and grow him to earn maximum coins. Players are also require to play more and more with the little alien pou to upgrade their coins and to unlock more and more things for him.

 Most important you have to make sure of cleanliness around pou just like a kid .As, it seems like parent duty you are performing in a game but, it is the part of the game, and you have to do it to earn more things to grow your baby. Correspondingly, your earning points will increase with the better progress of your child. To grow him well you can buy clothes for him and make him happy doing different things, what else you can do read ahead:

There is specially designed a play room in this game for the better growth of this little kid. In this room there are various labs are given, where you can design various portions for the better growth of your child pou, and can make him happy and can further ensure his better growth.

The most refreshing part of the game is customization. That is how well you are grooming your child appearance plays a vital role in this game. It depends on you how nicely you are making him attractive like dressing him ,feeding him  .By buying beautiful clothes ,shades ,hats and shoes  will lead towards his better growth .you can also design pou ‘s room and can decorate it with nice wallpapers ,which will automatically make you earn more points , and eventually  will  lead you to win the game.


You can have double fun by play this exciting game with your friends. Leaderboards will make you aware about your progress by showing the growth of your alien so, friends why to wait for such an exciting game. Just, Download its APK ASAP! , and enjoy it.

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